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Our Staff

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Our goal for our office is to maintain a high-quality, hard-working, happy and team-oriented atmosphere in which everyone understands the value of positivity, wants to provide excellent customer service and cares about the work we do. We want to be noticed by clients not only for doing great legal work, but for being responsive, friendly and eager to help.

We are proud of the individuals who make up our staff.

All can be reached at 515-223-6600, at the extension listed.

Sandy Barrick

Sandy Barrick head shot.Ext. 316
Email Sandy

Assistant to Bruce Johnson and Greg Taylor


Courtney Bauman

Ext. 314
Email Courtney

Paralegal to Bob Gainer


Kris Davis

Kris Davis head shot.Ext. 315
Email Kris

Assistant to Steve Brown
and John Cutler


Melissa Deaver
Melissa Deaver head shot.

Ext. 301
Email Melissa

Assistant to Bob Gainer


Stephanie Newton

Stephanie Newton head shot.Ext. 305
Email Stephanie

Paralegal to Bob Gainer


Jaime Reid

Ext. 304
Email Jaime

Assistant to Chuck Cutler

Morgan Todd

Morgan Todd head shot.Ext. 308
Email Morgan

Paralegal to Chuck Cutler


Judy Tunning

Judy Tunning head shot.
Ext. 312
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Office Administrator

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