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Commercial Litigation & Appeals


Commercial Litigation

Litigation is an inevitable part of doing business for businesses of any size and industry. As an established Des Moines law firm, Cutler Law has extensive experience in helping clients quickly and efficiently resolve business disputes. No matter your business's unique circumstances, the expert business litigation attorneys at Cutler Law Firm will aggressively pursue the ideal outcome for your case.

When a non-judicial resolution cannot be obtained, our corporate litigation attorneys have vast experience trying cases in State and Federal courts throughout Iowa, as well as state administrative tribunals and arbitration panels. As an experienced business law firm, we represent clients on a broad range of issues affecting businesses including: 

  • Contractual Issues/Contract Disputes 
  • Business Fraud
  • Breach of Fiduciary Duties
  • Iowa Securities Fraud
  • Insurance Defense
  • Construction Law Disputes
  • Debtor-Creditor Agreements
  • Employment Law Disputes 
  • Business Bankruptcy Matters 
  • & More

When obligations to financial institutions, banks, or other businesses or people become overwhelming, Cutler Law Firm, P.C. can help you fight back and assert your rights. If you are a debtor who is trying to keep your home or business, keep your accounts from being garnished, or work through accounts receivables/payables issues, we have the experience needed to help you meet these goals.

If you are a creditor and trying to collect a debt someone owes you, our attorneys can help you find ways to start collecting on those outstanding invoices. We know how to use all tools at our disposal, from trying to reach a negotiation with the individual or company that owes you money, to filing suit and collecting on the resulting judgment.

Commercial Appeals 

In the event appeals become necessary, the commercial appellate attorneys at Cutler Law Firm are prepared to handle all business appeals. Our appellate lawyers have extensive experience handling commercial appeals for businesses of all industries and sizes. 

Cutler Law Firm is proud to provide our clients with the experience and expertise of a large corporate law firm with the personalized attention and dedication of a smaller Iowa law firm. From common commercial disputes to complex securities litigation, the commercial litigation lawyers at Cutler Law Firm in Des Moines are ready to fight for your business. 

If you would like to learn more about how our expert Des Moines commercial litigation attorneys can help your case, please contact us today! If you are interested in contacting a specific business law attorney, please view our attorneys page. For civil litigation matters, please visit our civil litigation and appellate practice area page.

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