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Construction Law


We understand the construction business and the construction process.  This allows our attorneys to effectively and aggressively represent our clients.

We handle construction-related litigation including cases involving design and construction defects, contract disputes, enforcement and defense of mechanic's lien and bond claims, issues with warranties and indemnity, contract disputes, job site injuries and all construction related injuries and damages.  We have worked with clients on OSHA matters and have represented clients in arbitration proceedings.

As a contractor, meterialman, or SUB- to any of these providers, Iowa law provides a mechanism by which to preserve your right to payment on the construction project for which you have provided labor or materials.  We have protected and enforced the rights of contractors and suppliers through the country on public and private projects in the state of Iowa.  Our attorneys are knowledgeable of the certain unique timing requirements and obligations put upon the laborer and materialman and can preserve and enforce your right to payment through liens and actions against Sureties and bonds.

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