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Construction Law


The construction attorneys at Cutler Law Firm understand the laws of the construction industry and the construction process. Our Des Moines law firm has years of experience providing legal support for construction firms and contractors. Our construction lawyers can handle litigation and legal defense services involving an array of issues.

Common Legal Services Our Construction Law Attorneys Provide Include:

  • Construction-related injuries / personal injuries
  • Construction contract disputes
  • Enforcement & defense of mechanic's liens
  • Construction liabilities
  • Property damage due to construction
  • Warranties & indemnities
  • Construction lawsuits 

The team of construction litigation experts at Cutler Law has a team-centered approach to every construction law case. 

As a contractor, materialmen, or subcontractor Iowa law provides a mechanism that preserves your right to payment on construction projects for which you have provided labor or materials. Our firm has protected and enforced the rights of contractors and suppliers throughout the country on public and private projects. Our lawyers are knowledgeable of the unique timing requirements and obligations placed on laborers and materialmen under surety laws. The lawyers at Cutler Law Firm will fight to preserve and enforce your right to payment through liens and actions against Sureties and bonds.

If you are a laborer, contractor, or subcontractor and find yourself embroiled in a construction dispute, don’t give up your right to fair payment for the work and materials you have dedicated to a project. State and federal laws are on your side, and so are the expert construction law attorneys at Cutler Law. 

If you would like to learn more about how the construction law attorneys at Cutler Law Firm can help you resolve your construction-related legal disputes, please contact us today!

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